Beating Male Depression

by admin on April 7, 2011

Despite what you may have heard, depression affects men as profoundly as it does women.

Yes, we’ve all heard the jokes about the male mid-life crisis and the questions of self-identity that go with it.

But there’s a darker side to depression in men. Over a million people take their lives world-wide each year. American men are three to four times more likely to commit suicide than women. In fact, American men between 20 and 24 have a suicide rate seven times higher than women in the same age bracket.

While not all depressed men are going to commit suicide, symptoms of depression affect men’s lives and can have a profound impact on their careers, health and their loved ones. Symptoms of depression include feelings of hopelessness, guilt or helplessness, low mood and an inability to feel pleasure, lack of energy and insomnia.

Compounding the problem is the fact that men can find it difficult to reach out and ask for help with depression. Reaching out can make men feel unmanly and weak.

This article outlines how to reach out to men experiencing depression, either yourself or someone you know.

First of all, talk to people. While men often find it difficult to talk about depression, they’re more likely to talk about depression-related symptoms they might experience, like insomnia or lack of energy. Talking to a doctor is a good place to start, as it may help diagnose the root cause of the symptoms.

Don’t bottle up your feelings. If you’ve had a blow out with someone, tell someone about it. Alleviate the tension that can build up inside.

Stay active. Exercise benefits both the body and mind, and not only helps you sleep better, it’s a great stress relief and an effective way to shed excess pounds. Recent studies are now linking depression to obesity. At the very least, you’ll look better with regular exercise. Chances are, you’ll feel better too.

Maintain a healthy diet, with lots of fruits and vegetables. Some of the best depression-fighting foods include brown rice, whole grains, leafy vegetables and oily fish. Salmon, herring, mackerel and sardines are all high in the omega-3 fatty acid EPA. In a 2002 clinical study, researchers found that participants who took a gram of fish oil each day experienced a 50% reduction in depressive symptoms, including insomnia, feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts.

Stay away from processed foods and foods that are high in fat and sugar. Also avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol, which can make depressive symptoms much worse.

Practice relaxation techniques and exercises like yoga. Have a massage, or practice aroma therapy. Lemon oil, for example, is a powerful anti-depressant and clinical studies have shown it can reduce stress.

Try to sleep between seven and eight hours a night. This can be difficult when experiencing depression, as insomnia is a common depressive symptom. Therefore, practice good sleep hygiene. Make your bedroom an inviting place to sleep. Keep it dark and cool and avoid coffee and stimulants before going to bed. Having said this, try not to get upset if you can’t sleep. Avoid sleeping pills, and with enough healthy lifestyle factors, you’ll eventually sleep better.

Don’t forget to do something you enjoy! Spend time on a hobby or something you enjoy. Maybe it’s golfing. Maybe you’re a stamp collector. Whatever you enjoy, spend some time to do it. And if it gets you outside when the sun is shining, even better.

Review your lifestyle. Many men who experience depressive symptoms are also perfectionists. In some cases it can be wise to reduce expectations or workload. Or even explore the options of a new career.

If nothing else, take a break from your regular routine. A vacation can do wonders for your life perspective, but even a few days, or a few hours can help.

And finally try a good human growth hormone (HGH) releaser. These are dietary supplements that boost HGH production in men and women, which reduce the effects of aging, including fewer wrinkles, less body fat, increased lean muscle mass and enhanced sex drive.

An HGH releaser can reduce depressive symptoms in men and boost overall quality of life, including more sex, younger appearance and increased feelings of well-being. And because they’re dietary supplements, they’re available without a doctor prescription. Provacyl is a good HGH releaser for men, as it’s specifically formulated with natural ingredients to address andropause, or the steady decrease of hormone production in men, and comes with no known side effects.

Depression in men is a serious issue that can have far-reaching consequences. But it doesn’t have to. With the tips you’ve found in this article you’re equipped to manage depression and minimize the disruption it can create in either your life, or someone you know.


Wanna Live Longer? Read This

by admin on April 6, 2011

Wanna live longer? Feel better, maybe even squeeze some sex into your senior years? Three words: orange, green, Provacyl.

Orange and green refer to the colors of the fruits and vegetables you should be eating. More on that shortly. Provacyl is the revolutionary human growth hormone (HGH) releaser that addresses decreased hormone production in men as they get older. This process is called andropause, and if you like awesome sex and feeling like you’re lean and mean, it sucks.

But not to worry, we’ll get to that later. Let’s go a little deeper into orange and green, and how they’ll prolong your life. After all, you can’t enjoy sex if you’re not around to have it in the first place!

Fruits and veggies that are orange and green are rich in alpha-carotene. Recent studies have linked high blood levels of alpha-carotene to reduced risk of cancers, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. That’s because they’re rich in antioxidants, fighting free radicals – the molecules that damage DNA, proteins and fats in cells – and reduce these leading causes of death.

In a 14 year study, recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers studied the link between alpha-carotene blood levels and mortality in 15,318 adults aged 20 and older. Those with higher alpha-carotene levels had a 39% lower risk of dying from cancer, cardiovascular disease and similar killers of adults.

The effect of alpha-carotene was particularly strong against cancers of the upper digestive tract (esophagus, larynx and pharynx), type 2 diabetes and lower respiratory disease.

Researchers theorize that alpha-carotenes are better than beta-carotenes at blocking growth of cancer cells in the skin, brain and liver.

They also discovered that yellow-orange and dark green vegetables are better at fighting lung cancer than all other vegetables. Sources of alpha-carotene include carrots, carrot juice, collard greens, pumpkin, vegetable soup, vegetable juice and tangerines.

Beta-carotenes, like their alpha counterparts, both belong to the carotenoid family, and while they’re not as powerful against cancer as alpha-carotenes, they’re rich in vitamin A and should be a staple in any healthy diet.

Suffice to say, eat your fruits and vegetables, like your parents told you as a kid!

Dieticians have long recommended eating seven to ten servings of fruits and veggies every day. One serving is relatively small. If it fits in your hand, that’s one serving.

Most North Americans don’t come close to meeting this target. That’s a shame, because the health benefits of fruits and vegetables are numerous, and with proper planning can easily be fit into your daily schedule.

You can blend berries with breakfast, for example, as a smoothie or with cereal. Tangerines, baby carrots and apples make great snacks between meals. You can also add spinach leaves, grated carrots or a sliced tomato to your sandwich for lunch.

With dinner, use at least two different vegetables. Use romaine and dark-green lettuce instead of iceberg lettuce with salads, as they’re higher in carotenoids. Try sweet potato, instead of white potato. Sweet potato is rich in beta-carotene and is substantially higher in nutritional value.

And in a complete reversal of what you normally hear with less-healthy offerings, increase portion sizes with fruits and veggies. Try a cup of two servings of sweet potato, for example, instead of half a cup. Wash raw fruits and vegetables, as they’re handled multiple times between harvest and your fridge, which makes you susceptible to food poisoning.

Eat fruits and vegetables with half to one teaspoon of oil. This increases the absorption rate of the antioxidants, as they’re fat-soluble.

Don’t worry about buying frozen produce when fresh is out of season. Frozen fruits and vegetables are quick to prepare and are often better at preserving vitamins and nutrients than fresh produce, because they’re usually processed and packaged shortly after harvest, which locks in nutrients.

You can enhance your life further with Provacyl, one of the most effective human growth hormone (HGH) releasers on the market.

The beauty of Provacyl is it’s an all-natural supplement of proven amino acids and herbal extracts used since ancient times to boost hormone production. This has many benefits, among which are reduced fat storage, more lean muscle, longer physical endurance, and, as studies suggest, boost sex drive, both libido and stamina.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, Provacyl has no side effects and doesn’t require a trip to a doctor. Think of it as a daily supplement to incorporate with your healthy, alpha-carotene rich diet. Do both for life and you’re on your way to a long, happy and healthy time on this Earth, with reduced risk of illness and boosted feelings of well-being.

You may even get more sex in your life this way!


If you think menopause only happens in women, well you better think again. For those who do not know about this, well let me tell you that men who were aging also suffers from menopause, also known as andropause. This is a name given to men who were suffering from a menopause-like condition as they age. Provacyl claims to help alleviate the symptoms of male menopause. However, unlike women, men do not experience a complete and permanent shutting down of the reproductive system as a normal event. It is more of a distinguishing stage of life to describe the conditions that most men experience in the process of aging which usually occurs between the ages of 40 and 65.

Proponents of andropause as a distinct condition claim that it is a biological change experienced during mid-life. Compared with women, andropause is likewise a hormonal imbalance wherein the male hormone androgen (testosterone) level diminishes. This drop, on the other hand, is considered to be the cause of much physical and mental deterioration in men such as loss of energy and concentration, depression and mood swings. Although andropause does not cause a permanent shut down in a man’s reproductive system, many experience bouts of impotence.

On the other hand, there are a number of natural and homeopathic ways to deal with this emasculating condition, one of which is the use of Provacyl, an all-natural daily supplement, formulated with a series of herbals, amino acids, nutrients, and peptides that are medically proven to kick-start your hormone production. This treatment will not only stimulate your testosterone level, but also bring your human growth hormone (HGH) and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) levels back to a more youthful balance, for health benefits that you can both see and feel.

Provacyl has been carefully formulated with a potent group of herbs, nutrients and amino acids that work together to stimulate the release of more youthful hormone levels again. In addition, this alternative treatment also includes large amounts of ginseng and ginkgo biloba, popular herbal medicines in Asia that has long been proven to treat several different forms of illnesses and help boost the natural shield of the body from outside toxins that triggers early signs of aging.

Ginseng is an effective alternative for treating male erectile dysfunction and is considered to have tonic properties that help enhance sexual performance. Another ingredient of Provacyl, which has a promising effect for this condition, is Acai Berry. These antioxidant-rich berries can help improve mental health due to the direct interaction of berry polyphenols with aging neurons in the brain, thus reducing the stress-producing cellular signals and increasing the capacity of the neurons to maintain proper functioning while aging.

Recent studies showed that most men suffering from andropause, who took this natural treatment, have been successful in minimizing or eliminating many of the associated symptoms through natural supplementation with anti-aging products such as Provacyl. In fact, within six months of Provacyl treatment has shown a normalizing effect in most men suffering from cardiac and renal problems, thyroid hormone metabolism, bone metabolism, sweat secretion, total and regional fuel metabolism and even psychological well being.

Provacyl is considered to be one of the most natural remedies to deal with the natural process of aging and the symptoms of male menopause. Compared with other synthetic anti-aging drugs, Provacyl has been proven safe and effective in treating male menopause with no reported side effects that will worsen this emasculating condition. By simply taking this drug as to instruction, within as little as 30 days, you will notice significant improvements in your energy levels, sex drive and mental health. You need not to worry about adverse side effects in using this drug because it is an all natural supplement. You can only expect to continue enjoying the anti-aging benefits of Provacyl while taking it.


Why Take Provacyl?

by admin on March 14, 2011

There will come a point that men will suffer from mid –life hormone shift. As a result, they will decrease the level of their competence in every single way. Also, it will prevent them from continuing with their living. It will also let them to be sidelined in all the things they are doing, making way for them to surge down in every way. If you are among these men, you should know all the essential things in order to help you to prevent it from happening.

This is where a product like Provacyl can help. Or can it? Read on to learn why you should consider taking Provacyl if you are man aged 40 to 65+ looking to address the symptoms of andropause and boost your sex drive, increase your lean muscle mass and eliminate excess body fat.

Nowadays, there is a solution that you can use in order to help you to cut down the negative effects brought about by aging. There are many factors that you can use in order to help you reverse aging. Aging is a factor that is proven inevitable and nobody can really alleviate it. It is a part of life of every person. If you will get to know that most effective treatment when it comes to this thing, you will be able to have the beat quality of your life even beyond your age.

Excess adipose tissue around a male's mid-section.

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You should know all the manifestations that you are experiencing signs of aging. Your body tends to decrease its effectiveness in the things that you are doing. Also, you will become more susceptible to several conditions, making way for you to suffer in any kind of way. You should know about Provacyl; a Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplement that is one of the most effective and efficient solutions you can ever use in order to avoid all the things regarding aging. It can help you to regain control of your life in every way possible, making way for you to bring back the optimum level of your life.

So why take Provacyl? If you are suffering from weight gain, loss of muscle tone, memory loss and decreased sex drive among others, then you should know that having this supplement can really help to effectively live your life. It will help you to reverse all the signs of aging effectively and efficiently. It is manufactured by legitimate laboratories with the highest quality ingredients, making way for you to get rid of all the worries you can have with regards to this supplement. It is carefully produced and manufactured, that is why more and more men are using it as their ultimate solution in regaining the quality of their lives.

It has been scientifically proven safe and effective for every man to use in their effort to have the best result when it comes in alleviating the symptoms of premature aging. Furthermore, men are by now knowing the importance on the benefits of Provacyl. Those men who used this supplement really helped them a lot it terms of optimizing their health in every way possible. After they use this, they gained advantage of its effects for them; so arguably, this is the most effective testament you can have nowadays.

If you want for your quality of life to improve in every way, you should try the wonders this product can do for you. It will help you to reverse all the conditions associated by aging. It will help you to diminish weight gain, making way for you to shed some weight. It will also help you to increase your sexual drive even beyond your age, and that will help you to please your partner in every way.

Truly, you should know all the advantages of trying a natural supplement like Provacyl. If you will apply the use of this amazing product, you can really gain advantage of it, giving you the chance in taking advantage of the level of your health. Even beyond your ideal age, you can still do the things you want; thanks to the wonders being offered by Provacyl.


The Benefits of Taking Provacyl

by admin on March 13, 2011

For a lot of people, being old is the worst part of their life. This explains why there is a high demand for more information about anti aging products like Provacyl. There are a lot of changes that occur to people. Usually, people are more concerned with the physical changes in their body. The old age is usually associated with different changes on the body like the skin and the color of the hair. When it comes to men, most of them feel a reduction in their power levels and they usually loss sexual appetite.

This is one of the problems of men when they are already aging. This is the reason why a lot of remedies were introduced in the market. However, not all of them are effective. If you are looking for a remedy that can bring back your sexual appetite, you can consider buying Provacyl. According to Provacyl reviews, it is a kind of remedy that concentrates specially to the erectile function within the entire body.

The manufacturers of Provacyl know all about the problems of male who are above forty. There are a lot of factors that hinders the erectile activity of male. Provacyl can help them boost their erectile activity.

When males cross through what we call andropause also known as male menopause, men are becoming more erratic in their mood and they are having a hard time to obtain an erection. Some of the Provacyl reviews said that is like a food supplement that can improve the sexual activities of an aging male. It is a real gift to people who want to enjoy life even in their old age.

So what is the reason why male lose their sexual interest when they get older? The primary reason why the sex drive of men is reduced as they get older is they do not produce as much testosterone or HGH, also known as human growth hormone, as they used to when they are still young. Once you reached the age of thirty, the production of testosterone and HGH starts to slow down and it will become more noticeable when you reach the age of forty. The sex drive of men are driven by testosterone so it will come as no surprise that men lose interest in sex as they get older.

Lack of testosterone also tends to make it more difficult for men to obtain and maintain an erection. This is the reason why erectile dysfunction is very common to men who are over forty years of age. You can find a lot of remedies that can help increase the levels of your testosterone back to the level when you are still a teenager. One of the best options that you can take to increase the level of your testosterone is taking a natural supplement like Provacyl.

Another cause of low sex drive that can be cured with the help of Provacyl is the lack of blood flow in the penis. The blood flow in the penis is the main cause of erection so when a person experiences lack of blood flow in the penis, they can have lower interest in having sexual intercourse. As men get older, the arteries in the body hardens and blood does not flow smoothly compared when you are still young. So with the help of Provacyl, the blood flow on the penis can be improved.

Provacyl is the best natural remedy for lack of sexual interest. The good thing about this supplement is that it has no prescription so you can easily buy it over the counter. There are no side effects in taking this supplement because it is made from natural ingredients. Another thing is that it is quick and very effective. After a few days of intake, you can already experience good results.